Seeing WITHOUT Eyes

also referred to as Eyeless Sight, paroptic vision, extraretinal vision, extra-ocular vision, info-vision, or in some parts of the world ‘mid brain activation’, is the ability of seeing without engaging the use of the physical eyes.

You may already know from your Biology lessons at school that it is not your physical eyes that see anyway. Rather, light impulses received with the help of your eyes, are translated by your brain and assembled into the image you see.

You would also be familiar with the term ‘sixth sense’, which we might describe as an ability of receiving and accepting information from the world directly, without using or filtering this information through any of the five common senses. You have probably experienced having a ‘hunch’ about something that turned out to be true yourself.


after working with hundreds of people over the last years in her workshops in Europe, Dr. Katharina Friedrich has found that with dedicated training, EVERY person has the ability of learning to activate their brain’s ‘center of direct informational perception’, which makes seeing without eyes and reading blindfolded possible.

Benefits of Seeing without Eyes

•  to be able to see well again, despite bad eyes

•  No need to be afraid of eye diseases anymore

•  Increases intuition

•  improves decision-making

•  Increased memory retention and thinking speed

•  the visually impaired and the blind can learn to see again after appropriate individual practice

•  It has a balancing effect on behavior

•  Access to the information field is easier – and much more.

•  Embark on this adventure and find out for yourself!

Those who have activated their center of informative perception are able to receive information from the environment directly, bypassing the 5 senses familiar to us. Information transmitted and received directly will enable accurate, appropriate decisions.


This results in new possibilities and abilities:

• Increased confidence
• Knowing what to do and how to behave in a given life situation.
• He or she will know exactly which contract to sign and which one to walk away from.
• They will know exactly which choice is the better decision;
– this applies to choices in business as well as in private life eg the choice of a spouse.
• A new potential opens up that can be deepened and developed in all areas of life.
• Direct informative perception provides the opportunity to be informed about world events, regardless of obstacles, distance and even time.


For more information watch Katharina’s speech on ‘Seeing without Eyes’ at the 14th Anti-Censorship Coalition in Switzerland in November 2017. Please note that the video runs for approx 50 minutes and that the English is simultaneously translated from German…. so grab a cuppa and enjoy it as it was presented to the 3000 strong audience.


Seeing Without Eyes for Adults Format

Dr. Friedrich teaches the workshops in two parts:


Seeing Without Eyes 1

The first workshop begins the adventure by working honing and training your intuition with closed eyes. The objective is to activate your direct informational perception or visual ray. Workshop 1 takes place over three consecutive mornings 0900-1200 and is limited to 16 adults.

Blind participants are required to arrange and complete an individual coaching session with Katharina prior to the group workshop.

Practicing with closed eyes participants learn to differentiate different colours, then also items.
Using a variety of different methods and exercises your intuition is trained and your direct informational perception stimulated.

Excerpts from a Seeing without Eyes Workshop in Germany, 2017

Among others, a man who was born blind participates and shares his experience.
It’s possible to select auto-generated English subtitles in Settings. They aren’t always 100% correct but you’ll get a sense of some of the seminar.


Available workshops in Australia:

1:    30, 31 Jan & 1st February 2019, three consecutive mornings, 9 AM– 12 PM
(This workshop is currently planned in German without translation unless this changes)

2:    21, 22 and 23rd February 2019, three consecutive mornings, 9 AM– 12 PM
(Workshop in English)




Seeing Without Eyes 2

Seeing without eyesAfter activating your Center of Direct Informational Perception (CIP) and practicing the exercises learned in Seeing Without Eyes for Adults 1, intensive work with the mask is the focus of Seeing Without Eyes for Adults 2 with the aim that your visual ray begins to ‘pierce’ through the opaque black plastic mask.

Katharina traditionally asked participants to give themselves a few weeks of training their ‘perception muscles’ in between Workshop 1 and 2, however in locations she doesn’t travel to frequently she has offered Workshop 2 in the afternoons on the same days Workshop 1 runs in the mornings – and with great results.

We will offer the same in Australia at a combined workshops discount, to provide participants the greatest chance of success.



1:    30, 31 Jan & 1st February 2019, three consecutive afternoons, 1 PM – 3.30 PM
(This workshop is currently planned in German without translation unless this changes)

2:    21, 22 and 23rd February 2019, three consecutive afternoons, 1 PM – 3.30 PM
(Workshop in English)


Venue Details:
A Place to Just Be
4 Preston Point Road
East Fremantle
Western Australia

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