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Seeing Without Eyes Workshop for Children:

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Children up to the age of 12, are especially gifted when it comes to activating their ‘visual ray’. It seems that after the age of 12 the logical and critical left side of the brain interferes too much. This is also the reason why adults generally take much longer learning to actually see through the mask and the quality of the image is different.

Once their Center of Informational Perception (CIP) is activated, children perceive the information around them as visual images without needing their physical eyes to see. They are able to see through the mask as if their eyes were not covered.

Gift your child a Super Power and an unfair advantage 🙂

To date every child Katharina has taught has been successful in seeing through the mask by the end of the workshop. The image above is from Katharina’s appearance on Lebenskraft TV, where she practiced with an 8 year old girl for a short time. The girl’s center of informational perception was activated and she was able to count fingers through the mask as well as read calculations and numbers handed to her on the small screen of a mobile phone!

boy cycling blindfolded

This is no stand-alone case. For most children a field of vision opens up through the mask – it’s like a ray of sight that penetrates the mask. When this ability is activated they can read, write, assemble puzzles, even ride their bicycles all without needing their physical eyes.

Benefits for Children

• upon activation the Center of Informational Perception, the child’s IQ increases sharply.

• no need for glasses any more

• no need for hearing aid

• improved communication skills

• increased confidence

• increased academic performance

Science says that for active intellectual work we use only 8-10% of our brain. Activation of the Center of Informational Perception (CIP) engages more regions of the brain to work.

Blind since birth

The boy in this short video was born blind. He is 11 years old and has learned to see with the Seeing Without Eyes method. He can differentiate the coloured dice and see the number of eyes on the dice. He correctly describes the dice in the trainer’s hand. See for yourself, anything is possible! (The audio is in German)

Another child born blind is the 4-year-old Czech boy in the video below. So far he was only able to distinguish a milky light and dark, as confirmed by a doctor. The doctor told the mother, “There’s not more in it.” The mother reports: “He taught himself the simple color vision, the inner ray of sight. Now in the children’s seminar he learned even more colors, the spatial vision of geometric figures such as cups and balls.” Fascinating how he moves safely in the room and how exactly he grips the cups and puts the respective ball of color into it. (audio is in Czech)

He practices daily to fill his brain ‘files’ with all the concepts us viewers have given to things in our language. In this case, a training of about 2 years will lead to the boy being able to receive information at school like an normal-sighted person.

Workshop Details

The children’s workshop takes place on 3 consecutive afternoons, typically after school each day). The next available workshop is:

Workshop in English (& German) language:
Thursday, 21 February, Friday, 22 February & Saturday 23 February 2019,  4.30 -6.30 PM each day.

Investment: $399 per child  SPECIAL: $750 for 2 children from the same family.

Group size is limited to 10 children.
A parent or guardian has to accompany the child.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and allow your child to activate this amazing ability in our Seeing Without Eyes Workshops for Children in 2019!

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Boy reading blindfolded