Figure Correction – Pranic Nutrition at the touch of a button


The Intention of ‘Pranic Nutrition at the touch of a button’ is to introduce participants to the knowledge and tools to switch their body from exogenous to endogenous nutrition and back when required.

In this seminar you get to program your body to temporarily not require food or water and you are in control when and for how long you wish to apply it.

It’s essentially a social way of practicing Pranic Nutrition as you can switch back to eating within 2 hours.

Dr. Oec. Katharina Friedrich will let participants in on a “secret” that is essentially not a secret once we get to know and understand our true nature better. This also means cleaning up with old beliefs which have us dependent on external things and products.


Living on Prana

Pranic Nutrition

Pranic Nutrition or Breatharianism is not a new concept. In history isolated cases of people can be found who did not need food or drink to sustain their lives.

In the Netherlands more than 1000 people already live on Prana. In Brazil, more and more babies were born in the past 10 years who do not want / need any food (breast milk). And in Russia, soldiers also learn this method of endogenous, pranic nutrition as it can be a great asset in times of crisis.


For the possible to arise, the impossible must be attempted again and again.
– Hermann Hesse 1960


After Jasmuheen shared the 21-day pranic process in the early 1990s individuals in different parts of the world underwent this process. One such person is Dr. Michael Werner who wanted to test breatharianism on himself and never went back to eating.

Here’s a short, 2min excerpt from the documentary “In the Beginning there was Light” featuring him. He has been living on Prana since 2003 and allowed in depth scientific testing.



Today, more than a quarter of a century after the 21 day process was first received, the number of individuals undergoing breatharian processes is increasing. Several shorter (8-10 days) breatharian processes have also emerged and are being shared with people all over the world.

Dr. Friedrich’s ‘Pranic Nutrition at the touch of a button’ seminar differs from these in that it is not a live-in process lasting several days, rather it provides participants with the understanding and body programming they can use again and again.

In this seminar you’ll learn:

• to switch your body to endogenous nourishment, ie. not needing food and water for a limited time period (1 day to 4 to 6 weeks).

• to achieve your ideal figure, whether that be losing or gaining weight.

• to switch the body to regeneration & rejuvenation.

• to program your body

• the exact guide for your first cycle, to determine the maximum amount of food & liquid (in weight) you can have while in exogenous nutrition mode.

• to handle temporary crisis situations self-sufficiently.

• about Dr. Friedrich’s personal experience on endogenous nutrition


Seminar Content

Based on a science, Dr. Friedrich covers the following:

• the interplay between the conscious and subconscious mind
• What role does information play? How do we program our body ourselves?
• The difference between fasting, dieting and figure correction
• Breatharians

• What are the lightest, yet highest quality foods in terms of weight (in terms of fats, proteins, carbohydrates) and where are the traps?
• How can I control my weight myself?
• The relevant topics on fat metabolism, both on the energy-informative and the material plains

• What is a typical fat cell? What causes fatty deposits?
• Natural body cleansing method without side effects
• How we convert fat (long-term energy storage) to glucose (short-term energy storage) and water.

• The body programming process


Pranic Nutrition

1. After the seminar, you will be able to switch your body from exogenous to endogenous nutrition (without water and food intake) within 4 hours and back to exogenous nutrition within 2 hours.

2. A detailed guide to reach your ideal weight with the help of this method

3. In times of crisis you can relax and trust your body when others think they have to hoard food.

4. Repeated application of this method, which has been trialled and tested at the Moscow institute “Drevoroda” for over 15 years, leads to internal cleansing of pathogens and a homeostasis in ph-value, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Seminar Dates:

Saturday 2. February 2019, 2 PM – 7 PM (planned in German without translation unless this changes)

Monday 25. February 2019, 2 PM – 7 PM (English, translated from German)



A Place to Just Be
4 Preston Point Rd
East Fremantle, WA


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