Seeing without eyes

Do I need to be a special person to learn eyeless sight?
– Absolutely not. Anyone can learn. Children under 12 years old
just learn it faster.


Can this method help improve bad eyesight or even help a blind person to see again?
– Yes it can. The results are individual and differ from person to person.

– In March 2017, the 92 year young Marianne from Vienna attended Katharina’s workshop in Klagenfurt. She had been blind for 8 years due to cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Her daughter had heard of the BeTeWi Seminars and took her along. After an individual coaching session and completing the Seeing Without Eyes for Adults group workshop she regained her vision.  There is a very heartfelt radio interview with her in German. (link will be added asap)

– Katharina started out with very poor eyesight and today (when in ‘normal eye sight mode’) she often sees better without her glasses than with them. Yet even though you will be able to see better, this does not always translate to a lower diopter at the optometrist’s.


Why use the Mindfold mask?
– with the particular mask we recommend, the black foam padding has cutouts which means that you can open your eyes under the mask, enabling you to experience total darkness even with your eyes open. It’s a strange thing but it helps your brain along in the activation process.


Is the mask really light-impermeable? Or is it possible that any light comes through?
– everyone can check the mask to satisfy themselves that no light penetrates the thick black plastic shield. If you manage to see through it – well done! There is no need to attend the workshop!


Ok, I’m in, where can I get the Mindfold Mask?
– you can purchase one from Amazon via our link right here: Mindfold Sleep and Relaxation Mask