Dr Katharina Friedrich

Dr. Katharina FriedrichKatharina was born with her left eye practically blind (approx 3% vision) and around 30% eyesight on her right eye.

Unable to study her preferred subject, medicine, due to her strong visual impairment, she studied economics instead, majoring in probability calculus and statistics.

After a terrible accident in 2005, which left her paraplegic, an emergency operation caused a black half-moon to appear in her right eye’s vision.
She became more determined than ever to find answers to her most pressing question of how eyesight can be improved/regained. Can vision be attained in cases where it has never been before? Is it possible for blind persons to learn to see and for the severely vision-impaired to regenerate the cells of their eyes?

Katharina’s search led her to the phenomenon of vision through direct information perception, also called ‘eyeless sight’, extra-ocular vision or ‘infovision’, which she attained some years ago. Inspired by her success and improvement of her sight, she developed an effective training method to pass this ability on to others, which she does with joy and devotion.