About Us

Welcome to Seeing Without Eyes.

We’re proud to present a series of life-changing workshops and seminars in association with Betewi-Akademie, Germany, for the first time here in Australia in early 2019.

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Betewi stands for:

Be ‘bewusst sein’ (a verb) meaning  both being present, being conscious, while the noun ‘Bewusstsein’ means consciousness.
Te  stands for self-sufficient Technology, ie a set of tools which supports our independence
Wi or ‘Wissen umsetzten’ stands for implementing the knowledge we gain.

Our mission is to open your eyes to an array of possibilities you may not have known existed, which can positively impact your life, should you choose to participate in one of our workshops or seminars.

The seminars have been developed by Dr. Katharina Friedrich and BeTeWi-Academy, Germany, and have been held successfully in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Namibia since 2011.


Meet the Facilitators

Dr. Katharina Friedrich

Seeing without eyes

Since her youth Katharina has been interested in quantum physics and its probabilities, applied to living matter in biology and medicine as well as to economic processes.

She graduated from the University of National and International Economics in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1989 and worked for the Statistical Office of the GDR.  Her realisation after working in statistics for 35 years: the number before the decimal point is not determined by arithmetic, rather the way the question is posed decides the outcome! Transmitter and receiver must be in resonance.

Since 2003 she studied Russian and Bulgarian healing methods based on original sources, among others at the Petrov Institute, Drevo Roda, Moscow.

After research and teaching on radionic devices used by information field medicine (eg Oberon, Metascan, Timewaver, Quantec, cybertron), Katharina chose in 2008 the mental creation/control of reality through the unity of soul, mind and consciousness (rather than through technical aids), as her heartfelt mission.

She focuses on teaching simple and efficient mental methods, which anyone can easily integrate in their everyday life. In 2010, Dr. Friedrich developed her own independent seminar concept with the Quantum Harmony® method, in order to introduce the awareness methods to people in a didactically appropriate form as well as to disseminate them in seminars in German-speaking countries and Bulgaria. As an experienced lecturer, she works for the BeTeWi Academy Berlin. She speaks German, Bulgarian, Russian and English.

Katharina as been practicing and teaching seeing without eyes since 2013. Her book “Sehen ohne Augen” was published in 2017 in German and is currently being translated into several languages. The German version only is available at Amazon.


Stefanie Kleinhenz

Seeing without eyes

Graduated from Brunel University in London with a BSc in Communication and Information Studies and completed the Producing Extension Course at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. After some years freelancing on film and television projects, Stefanie set up her company Satelite Pictures Pty Ltd, which acted as Australian Production Company for several German Television Productions for ZDF. She also wrote, produced and directed some acclaimed short films.

From 2006 to 2008 she lectured Screen Production and Production Preparation at the WA Screen Academy.

Her interest in health, alternative healing methods and consciousness-expanding workshops and seminars led her to meet Katharina Friedrich and participate in Betewi-Academy’s seminars in 2017 in Germany and Switzerland, where the idea for collaborating to bring the seminars to Australia was born.