5D-Flash 21st Century Medicine:

a vibrational pharmacy in your pocket!

The 5D-Flash Vital app is an ingenious tool: convenient on your smart phone or pad and easy to use: Just place your thumbs on the moving energy circles and your body will be grateful. This app can change your physical state, your consciousness and life positively.

It’s fun and easy to use and it has saved us many times in various ways.

This discount code ‘Vitalcode’ saves you 20 Euro (around $30) off the complete medicine cabinet:


The full ‘medicine cabinet’ is a SUPER DEAL at only 59 Euro (approx $93) with the above vital code for android. Unfortunately Apple does not pass this discount on, so for iphone and ipad it’s 79 Euro.

There are more than 100 different topics and any future ones are included. The app also allows family sharing, so several people under one roof/ip address can have it on their personal device. – An energy medicine cabinet that fits into your pocket!

Purchasing individual themes is 3.40 Euro with the vital code, which works out around AUD 5.40 per theme.

Once the app is installed and the themes or whole medicine cabinet has been downloaded to your device(s) you can apply the themes offline.

The great thing is that you can try before you buy. Download the app for FREE, make sure you enter the Vital code “sk100″ as this will save you money also if you only purchase individual topics, and after installing the app you will have access to the 5 FREE topics: Balance, Good feeling, Feeling of fullness, Protection and Well-grounded.

We have found that the topics ‘Learning’, ‘Intuition’ and ‘Pineal Gland’ support people wishing to activate their inner visual ray.

How it works:

EVERYTHING on earth is subject to the law of vibration; hence our cells are also effected (and stressed) by various kinds of vibrations such as environmental influences, foods, false beliefs, our fellow earth dwellers, emotions, and so on. Even though we do not consciously perceive all of these vibrations, they nonetheless reach our cell structures and are stored there. Naturally these stressors can have a negative impact on our body system. With the 5D-Flash app, help is at hand and your life energy can be restored.

With the 5D-Flash Vital App you have your personal energy medicine ‘cabinet’ with you wherever you go. You simply place your thumbs onto the screen of your phone or pad and your body will be grateful. If you’d like to read more, go to www.5d-flash.com

Of course results are as individual, as everyone’s frequencies. While no specific promises can be made, reported results include:

  • Depression in one person was a thing of the past after using the appropriate topic 3 x 5 mins / a day  for  10 days.
  • An acute tooth ache after dentist visit numbed right down after single use.
  • A cough stopped much sooner than usual.
  • The ‘Power Flash’ as a caffeine-free way to boost your energy and much more.
It’s very affordable, so get yours and see how your body, mind and spirit benefit.