seeing without eyes

Seeing WITHOUT Eyes

also referred to as Eyeless Sight, paroptic vision, extraretinal vision, extra-ocular vision, info-vision, or in some parts of the world ‘mid brain activation’, is the ability of seeing without engaging the use of the physical eyes. You may already know

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Increase your Child's IQ

Increase your Child’s IQ

Seeing Without Eyes Workshop for Children: Children up to the age of 12, are especially gifted when it comes to activating their ‘visual ray’. It seems that after the age of 12 the logical and critical left side of the

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(Quantum Harmony) A Simple and Ingenious Guide to Activate Self-healing Dr. Friedrich’s Quantenharmonie® Intensive is a unique seminar offering in which she brings together knowledge and tools that work into a methodical concept, providing participants with simple, yet ingenious techniques

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Figure Correction Pranic Nutrition

Figure Correction – Pranic Nutrition at the touch of a button

The Intention of ‘Pranic Nutrition at the touch of a button’ is to introduce participants to the knowledge and tools to switch their body from exogenous to endogenous nutrition and back when required. In this seminar you get to program

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Teeth Regeneration

Tooth Regeneration

Incredible, but true: Teeth do not just grow twice! For some African tribes or inhabitants of Bulgarian mountain villages, their own third set of teeth is a work of nature. The phenomenon of regenerating your teeth or even growing a ‘third’

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 21st Century Medicine: a vibrational pharmacy in your pocket! The 5D-Flash Vital app is an ingenious tool: convenient on your smart phone or pad and easy to use: Just place your thumbs on the moving energy circles and your body

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Ingenious seminar series for first time in Australia

The Seeing Without Eyes workshops have strictly limited places. Details below.

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Scheduled Workshops and Seminars with Dr. Katharina Friedrich

From 28 January to the end of February 2019 we offer the following seminars in Perth, Australia


Seeing Without Eyes for Adults 1

The objective is to activate your direct informational perception or visual ray. Workshop 1 takes place over three consecutive mornings 0900-1200 and is limited to 16 adults. Blind participants are required to arrange and complete an individual coaching session with Katharina prior to the group workshop.

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Seeing Without Eyes for Adults 2

After beginning to activate your Center of Direct Informational Perception (CIP) and practicing the exercises learned in Seeing Without Eyes for Adults 1,  intensive work with the mask is the focus of Seeing Without Eyes for Adults 2.

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Seeing Without Eyes for Children

The Children’s workshop is for ages 4 to 12 and is strictly limited to 10 children. It takes place over three consecutive afternoons, 3 x 2 hours, usually after school. Children must be accompanied by an adult. So far every child Katharina has taught was able to see through the mask in a very short time.

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Quantenharmonie ® (Quantum Harmony)

A simple guide to activating self-healing from Russia and Bulgaria. Anyone can learn it and it is immediately effective. The techniques taught enable you to responsibly take your own health into your own hands and integrate the experiences gained in the seminar into your everyday life. You learn to recognize and resolve the underlying cause (trauma) of a dis-ease by working with selected physical symptoms.

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Figure Correction

The goal is to enable the body to switch to regeneration & rejuvenation. The relevant topics of fat metabolism are learned, practiced and programmed on an energetic-informative as well as material level. You will be able to switch your body to be without food and water for some time, ie. go from exogenous to endogenous nutrition (without water and food intake), an excellent ability in an emergency situation or if you simply choose to.

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Tooth Regeneration Seminar

Unbelievable, yet true: teeth can grow more than twice!  You will learn the mental tools to practice this yourself.

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